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Mrs Belem at Hatchery.com

We are proud to announce you that Mrs. Belem products are today available in the Hatcherybox.com catalog. Mrs. Belem and Hatchery share the same passion of offering quality products to their customers. Hatchery offers you authentic and handmade products to make you discover new flavors and tastes from home. The products are selected from across […]

Cajun gazpacho

Combine the tomatoes, the bell peppers, the cucumber, the red onion, the olive oil, the garlic cloves, Mrs Belem’s 5 Peppers and the sherry vinegar together in a mixing bowl. Let the mixture marinate in the fridge for 1 hour. Put the content of your mixture in to a blender and liquify all the ingredients […]

Mrs Belem White Bean Spread

Looking for an easy recipe to share with friends and family when they come over to visit? We have a very simple and very tasty white been dip that is sure to please. Please note that you can also use “canned” white beans but here are Mrs. Belem, we prefer to do it the old-fashioned […]

Real Simple Magazine: DAILY FINDS

5 Tasty Gourmet Goodies Mrs. Belem Trading Company is delighted to be featured in Real Simple Magazine’s Daily Finds today. We were one of 5 Tasty Gourmet Goodies selected by Lindsay Hunt for RealSimple.com. Mrs. Belem Trading Company Provençal Spice Blend Add a taste of France to everything from chicken breasts to sautéed vegetables with […]

A Simple chicken recipe from Yoshiko

Sent from Yoshiko, Hoboken, NJ. Here’s my super-simple, super-flavorful, fail-proof baked chicken recipe using the Cajun Blend. I get hungry just thinking about it… Chicken thighs with the skin on Fresh shallots, minced Fresh garlic, minced Mrs. Belem Cajun Blend [list] Preheat oven to 425 F. Line Baking sheet with aluminum foil. Sprinkle regular salt […]

Did you Know?

A Millennium of Celtic heritage Since 2002, UNESCO has listed The Salt Marshes of Guérande as Cultural Landscape of the World. Guérande is a medieval town nestled in the Brittany region of France also known as the Loire Atlantique. Developed in the 11th century, this medieval walled village is one of the most charming and […]

Introducing Mrs. Belem Trading Company… A Seasoning Love Story

For Immediate release – Mrs. Belem Trading Company was established in New York City and offers an artisanal collection of natural sea salts and seasoning spice blends using whole mineral salts from Guérande, France, perfect for roasting, curing, seasoning and finishing. The idea to create the company comes from a seasoning love story that spans […]