Introducing Mrs. Belem Trading Company… A Seasoning Love Story


For Immediate release – Mrs. Belem Trading Company was established in New York City and offers an artisanal collection of natural sea salts and seasoning spice blends using whole mineral salts from Guérande, France, perfect for roasting, curing, seasoning and finishing. The idea to create the company comes from a seasoning love story that spans generations. This age-old tale is both a legendary love story and a modern day romance about true love, a passion for food, friendship and adventure.

Mrs. Belem Trading Company was inspired by the discovery of a travel diary in an antique bookstore. The diary recounted an epic love story that took place in the late 1800’s of a young woman by the name of Odile Clement from the salt marshes of Guérande in the Brittany region of France and an English merchant ship owner by the name of Paul Barrington. The book depicts their journeys and adventures along the spice trade routes from Europe to India to the Caribbean on their beloved ship, The Belem.

Today, Mrs. Belem Trading Company uses the finest spices from around the world and sea salt only from Guérande, France; which to this day is hand-harvested in the same Celtic tradition as it was in the 9th century.  This salt is completely natural and unrefined and is certified organic by France’s Nature & Progress, the most rigorous salt certification process, which ensures purity and quality.  Our products are pure, natural and have no artificial ingredients or genetically modified ingredients.

The collection will launch with 5 must-have products:  Provençale, 5 Peppers, Cajun, Curry and Fleur de Sel. These finishing salts simply just make anything you prepare taste better; they are true flavor enhancers. When creating these products we wanted entice your senses, these blends are colorful, fragrant, textural and taste fabulous.



Provençale is the fragrance of its landscape. The South of France is known for it’s majestic fields of Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Lavender and Savory. This Mediterranean blend is perfect for simple dishes such as pasta, soup, salads, any vegetable, omelets and sauces. We also love it on lamb chops, chicken, fish or anything that you would grill. MSRP $14.50.

5 Peppers:

Don’t let the name of this salt fool you, this unique and colorful blend celebrates the diversity of pepper. This tasty recipe allows each pepper to bring its own unique flavor and scent to this blend; from the sweetness of pink peppercorn to the intense flavor of the Szechuan, it is a must-try. 5 Peppers contains Sel de Guérande, Black Peppercorn, White Peppercorn, Green Peppercorn, Pink Peppercorn, and Szechuan Peppercorn. We recommend that you use it with beef, poultry, pork, seafood, fresh salads, dressings and eggs. MSRP $14.50.


The Bayou of Louisiana inspires this flavorful blend.  The food that comes from this region of the country is a marriage of French and Cajun origin. This hearty seasoning spice is hand-blended mixture of Sel de Guérande, Cumin, Garlic, Paprika, Onion, Black Pepper, Oregano, Rosemary and Cayenne Pepper. Cajun can be used in both hot and cold dishes and we recommend it with steaks, chicken, pork, tuna and swordfish. It is delightful when grilling or pan searing these meats.MSRP $14.50.


India is the inspiration behind Curry. This blend takes one on a tour of India from Jaipur to Goa to Pondicherry but with a French touch. India is a vast country and has such a diverse eating culture.  This fragrant blend features Sel de Guérande, Coriander, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Cumin, Ginger and Mustard. Great to use with poultry, pork, seafood, curry sauces, soups, eggs and naturally any vegetarian creation.MSRP $14.50.

Fleur de Sel:

The literal translation of Fleur de Sel is “flower of the salt,” this is the purest form of salt from Guérande and is the first harvest from the top of each marsh.  This salt is snowflake-white, which is the natural color of this salt; it leaves a very delicate, slightly floral salt taste on your tongue and brings out the flavor of anything you put it on.MSRP $16.50.

With romantic old world packaging Mrs. Belem products are as endearing an addition to the kitchen shelf as they are useful. For personal culinary use, as a gift or both, every jar of Mrs. Belem seasoning salt is not only an enjoyment of the finest flavors, but a historically savory experience. We feel that everyone can be a terrific at-home chef; you just need the perfect finishing salts to bring out the flavors in your food.

New and exciting products will launch seasonally!

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